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The Florida Painters founding members include Ann Holstein, Gary Sisco, Claudia Thomas and Diane Walters. These four accomplished artists remain the foundation of the group, and an inspiration to us all.

For every artist, the time of self discovery and raising each individuals skill set, can be forever enhanced by finding a mentor. Tom Sadler, an award winning professional artist has been a catalyst, friend and tireless teacher who continues to offer moral support as well as much needed insight into an artist’s life. Thank you, Tom! Tom

Ann HolsteinAnn Holstein
“The Florida Painters have grown so much over time and it couldn’t be better. I am so blessed to have such wonderful and talented friends to paint with. I have learned and enjoyed a lot about painting over so many years. Thanks to you all.” Ann
 Gary SiscoGary Sisco
“I have always been fascinated by the techniques of the masters, and what makes a painting “good”. An art expert once told me that looking at a “good painting” was like looking through a window, that you could almost “walk” into the picture yourself, and that the more you look at the painting, the better it gets.”   Sisco
Gary Sisco
 Claudia ThomasClaudia Thomas
“I’m inspired by the natural effects of sunlight in the landscape and enjoy working quickly to capture the fleeting shadows and subtly changing colors throughout the day.“
Claudia Thomas
 Diane Walters Diane Walters
“I paint because it’s a joy and an addiction.
I paint outside because it’s where all the good stuff is.
I paint with friends (the Florida Painters) because joy shared is joy multiplied.“


Any given Saturday, and the occasional Sunday, the Florida Painters gather. Because of life or work demands, the number of painters may vary from week to week. Weather permitting we make every effort to join together and paint, critique and enjoy our wonderful surroundings.
Kim Ashby Kim Ashby
“For whatsoever from one place doth fall, is with the tide unto another brought. For there is nothing lost which may be found, if sought.”  
 c Carol Platt
“My goal is to create paintings that will resonate with viewers in such a way that they too will marvel at the beauty God provides every single day.”
Laura Bates Laura Bates
“I am fascinated by color. It’s beauty is inspirational and it’s influence on dimensional space is intriguing. My work reflects my passion for capturing this beauty wherever I see it and allowing it to sculpt the spatial plane of my canvas. I have tried many different mediums, but oil is my favorite. I love working ‘en plein air’ where I find I can observe colors that are missed when doing studio work.“
Laura Bates 
 Lynne Polley Lynne Polley
“There is so much more to see when painting outdoors. I have been painting almost my entire life, and will continue for the sheer joy of it.”
Corrine Garrett Corrine Garrett
“Earth without art is simply ‘eh.’
Save the earth: engage in art.
Save the artist: support the arts.“

 Robert Ross Robert Ross
“I strive to capture that moment of first perception, the thrill I feel when I see how sunlight, shadows and color give shape to what I am looking at. When I paint, I become totally immersed in the moment, sight and action are joined, and eye, hand and heart work together, somehow beyond my control. Painting is a mysterious merger of mindfulness and empty mind.”  Robert Ross 
Rosa Bujase-Gillis Rosa Bujase
“I strive to convey in my art the aesthetic beauty of nature and the enigmatic essence and unspoken message of human nature. Feeling a subtle peace while creating is lifes response to my inspirational journey.” email:
 Gary Rupp Gary Rupp
“Life has a way of pushing aside the soul. Art reminds us we have one. Just as a musician selects from a cacophony of sounds to make music, my job as a painter is to organize the colors surrounding us into something beautiful called a painting.” 
Cat Hempel Cat Hempel
“Having lived in Central Florida most of my life, I want to inspire my audience to see, value and conserve the places around us before they are lost to us. I am happiest when plein air painting. I enjoy spending the time outdoors soaking in nature and the challenge to get it all down before the light changes.”
Cathy Hempel Artist Website
 Lynn Tolar Lynn Tolar
“What interests me when painting from life is the essence of the moment. That whisper of mood that light and color can create.” email:
Mary Martin Mary Martin
“Painting to me is capturing memorable moments, both in plein air and portraits The drama of color and light creates the atmosphere to define these moments.“  Mary Martin
 Seemi Usmani Seemi Usmani
“Drawing and painting has always been a part of my life. It is wonderful to be one of ‘The Florida Painters’. We paint landscapes outdoors most Saturdays, critique each other’s work and draw inspiration from one another. I try to capture atmosphere and mood and the play of light and shadow.“
Karen Minnigan Karen Minnigan
“Painting outdoors “plein air” has been a great challenge, but also an immense reward. It has brought me into a painting community of the nicest people I’ve ever known. My fellow painters are encouraging, supportive and just “plein” fun! If you haven’t tried it, start with a small set of watercolors, a sketch notebook and head outside to a favorite spot, like I did many years ago. You never know where it may lead you, and what it will mean to you!“
Karen Minnigan Fine Art
Orit Reuben
“I admire the form of the body and the elegance of its structure. I am compelled to capture the subtleties of the human form, the tilt of the head; the bend of the back. My aim is to draw with feeling and to capture a mood or atmosphere. I have found my work to be both an awakening of my artistic eye and an introspective meditative experience.”

Karen Minnigan Helen Avalon
“The act of painting and trying to understand light is the most fun thing in the world. It’s how I want spend the rest of my life.”

 mike jakubowskiMike Jakubowski
An excellent painting initiates a paradigm-shift in the viewer and aspires to hold the viewer captive. The ultimate measure of success could be determined by the frequency and length of time the audience spends in observation and satisfactory contemplation. My favorite subjects include mundane and commonly overlooked landscapes that present a hidden, silent power-struggle occurring between man and the natural environment.

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